Wools of New Zealand - Reintroducing a Luxury Fibre to a Changing World

Wools of New Zealand

Wools of New Zealand

Wools of New Zealand is a premium brand identifying carpets and rugs manufactured by licensed partners who meet demanding quality standards and fibre content requirements.

Wools of New Zealand Brand Criteria:

Carpets endorsed with the Wools of New Zealand brand must meet the following criteria:

  1. Fibre Integrity: Wools of New Zealand branded carpets must have a minimum total wool content of 80 percent and at least 60 percent of the total fibre content must be New Zealand wool.
  2. Performance: Wools of New Zealand branded carpets and rugs undergo a series of tests for qualities including durability, appearance retention and colour fastness.
  3. Control: The use of the Wools of New Zealand brand is tightly controlled through formal licensing. We have more than 100 trade partners worldwide, including many of the world’s leading carpet yarn spinners and carpet and rug manufacturers.

Launched in 1994, the Wools of New Zealand brand is your assurance of unsurpassed performance, quality and style.



Consumers increasingly seek authentic products made of natural materials with genuine integrity. These attributes are captured in a new brand from Wools of New Zealand called Laneve. Laneve is a companion to the Wools of New Zealand brand, going beyond the excellence of the product to attest to the sustainability and traceability of the wool itself.

Laneve branded carpets and rugs are made from 100 percent wool traceable back to identifiable farmers who meet a comprehensive range of environmental, social responsibility and animal welfare standards. Laneve provides assurance of:

Animal Welfare:

Strict codes of practice covering animal health, nutrition and safety.

Land Management

Highly skilled and experienced farmers combine traditional, non-intensive farming systems with current best practice to ensure optimal land management.

Farming Practices

Free-range farms naturally producing high quality wool for premium carpets and rugs.

Environmental Standards

Protection of the land and waterways to ensure both environmental and economic sustainability.


The wool in Laneve branded carpets and rugs is traceable back to the farms that grew it.