Steven Parsons 18 May 2021
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Wools of New Zealand is owned by the people that grow our wool, and that really matters for lots of reasons.


Until recently we only sold wool.  Our sole purpose was to link brands with farmers so they could acquire the perfect wool for its given purpose.   Wool comes in many thicknesses (microns) and lengths.  Even the colour varies depending on the local climate.   Our task has been to match the perfect wool to the perfect product.  We are matchmakers between global brands and farming families.

The benefits are efficiencies in how wool is processed, a more consistent quality for the manufacturer and an authentic story for the brand.   The ultimate winner is the planet as smarter value chains means less waste on the farm and in factories. 

The carpet buyer also wins as using great wool to control quality through fiercely efficient value chains means lower costs.    Our international partners have state-of the art technology that makes yarn and carpet with super-efficiency.

Some partners have reported that using our purpose grown fibre dramatically improves the efficiency of their factories and the quality of their carpets.   That’s good for everybody.

Products that are built on our wool qualify to carry the Wools of New Zealand brand.

People who own authentic Wools of New Zealand products can rest assured of the integrity of their fibre.  But transparency goes both ways.  As farmers we want to know that after all the hard work somebody gets pleasure and values the fibre, we, and our sheep create.   It takes a lot to grow great wool, so we love knowing at adds value to somebody’s life.  

Choosing an authentic Wools of New Zealand carpet rewards the Kiwi farmers who grew your wool.  

Hear what some of our farmers have to say about growing authentic Wools of New Zealand wool.  

Hannah and Richard Coop of Okepuha Station near Mahia and Hamish Guild of High Peak Station discuss why farming with nature is so important.

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