Steven Parsons 25 May 2021
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As a brand, Wools of New Zealand is recognised the world over. A distinctive mark of provenance and trust, it lets consumers know that only the very finest, most authentic wool has been used in a product.


Lambs at Palliser Ridge of Crucial Trading's "Fabulous" Carpet

People around the world are increasingly seeking out sustainable products made from ethically sourced materials.   Wools of New Zealand is owned by the people who grow our wool.  This gives us flexibility and transparency to ensure our fibre is created as sustainably and efficiently as possible. 


Often, we know the product before the wool is shorn which allows us to prepare the perfect fibre for our partners products and our own carpets.


Open Spaces Carpet by Ulster UK

Many international wool houses partner with Wools of New Zealand.  Ulster Carpets of Ireland use 100% Wools of New Zealand fibre for their, Open Spaces Laneve™ carpet ranges.  United Kingdom retail giant John Lewis & Partners have awarded Wools of New Zealand preferred material status for our commitment to sustainability, quality and to our farmers. 


These brands and many more partner with Wools of New Zealand as they know they will have products with integrity, consistent quality with fibre grown by people who really care.


We send our wool to partners in North America, The United Kingdom, Europe, The Middle East, The Far East, and India.   You can find beds, couches and carpets built with our wool.

Our wool is used by airlines, by Google, in 5 Star hotels, by the BBC, and in palaces.  It is even available in New Zealand in the form of carpets.


Wools of New Zealand has used our own experts and the help of our partners to create a range of pure New Zealand wool carpets at price points that push plastic out of consideration.    We think all New Zealanders deserve to have wool in their homes that does not cost the earth.


Learn more about our international partners at

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