Wools of New Zealand fibre is grown in perfect conditions with care taken to preserve our natural environment. We have implemented integrity programmes and partnered with industry specialists to ensure we are accountable, traceable and sustainable at all times. We want to reassure anyone who uses our wool that they’re choosing an ethically grown and sustainable product.


Wool is an excellent sound absorber and can reduce noise by up to 55%, creating a more relaxing environment.


Due to the millions of wool fibres in textiles such as carpets, curtains and cushions, wool is one of the most effective materials for controlling noise indoors. The complex make-up enables it to absorb sounds over a wide range of frequencies making it a popular material in shared spaces such as offices, libraries and hotels.


You can breathe easy thanks to wool’s natural air filtering capabilities, trapping allergens like dust and pollen.


There are many health benefits found from including wool fibres within our living environments. As well as being warm and comfortable, wool textiles effectively trap dust and allergens preventing them from irritating the respiratory system by keeping them out of the breathing zone. Especially beneficial for allergy sufferers, wool fibres are too large to be inhaled so are unlikely to cause sneezing and other unpleasant allergic reactions.


With wool there is less chance of ignition, less likelihood of flames spreading and less smoke, which makes wool one of the safest materials for any living environment.


Wool is one of the most reliable materials when it comes to fire safety. If you compare it to many other textile materials, wool fibres are naturally resistant to burning due to their high keratin protein and moisture content. As well as being more difficult to ignite, there is also a much lower risk of a fire spreading as it burns only weakly, forming a char which tends to extinguish flames.


Wool not only helps us keep warm and comfortable in winter, it contributes to energy savings as less heating (or cooling in summer) is required to maintain a comfortable indoor environment all year round.


Wool in our homes and offices saves significant precious energy, reducing the impact on our planet as well as making us more comfortable. Body warmth is primarily governed by foot warmth. When our feet are in direct contact with the floor, heat from our body will dissipate through conduction into the floor surface.


Wool is truly amazing, and New Zealand wool offers benefits for the health and wellbeing of humans, animals, and our planet.


Our wool is Planet Friendly; grown in unspoiled landscapes with the freshest air and always traceable to source. Our wool is Style Friendly; incredibly efficient for dyeing and naturally stain resistant.


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