Laneve™ wool is 100% natural fibre with all wool traceable back to the famers who grow it. As a unique brand solely owned by Wools of New Zealand, it represents the pinnacle of quality and exacting high standards maintained by our famers.

Every farmer growing our wool is invited to the join the Laneve integrity programme. This sees them audited by AsureQuality New Zealand under the following criteria:

  • Land Management
  • Animal Welfare
  • Social Responsibility
  • Transparency

We offer Laneve™ to certain clients that demand total transparency and unsurpassed quality, growing wool under contract and specifically for their products. The finished textiles must be rich in Laneve wool and cannot contain non-renewable materials.

The programme gives those who use our wool the reassurance that they’re choosing an ethically grown and sustainable product. It’s why Wools of New Zealand is the trusted choice for people who want to know where their products come from and how they were made.


This also creates exceptional value and heightened sustainably as the wool is tailored for the value chain, creating efficiencies in the way it is processed.  


Our Laneve partners, such as Ulster Carpets and Crucial Trading, know that choosing Laneve wool means every batch is perfect - giving total integrity, exceptional quality and brilliant colour.


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