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The pinnacle of natural fibre.

Wools of New Zealand is owned by the people who grow our wool – farming families committed to sustainable practices and caring for the land so that it may be passed to future generations.



With a low environmental impact our wool is produced on farms with incredible scope, efficiency and attention to the animals welfare and the environment.

Our ongoing scientific research is reducing the impact of growing wool to make our fibre even better for our planet.



Our farmer ownership structure ensures an invested interest from our growers to perfect the quality of their wool.

With this in mind we have refined our farming methods to ensure our wool is ideal for its intended purpose – creating a better quality fibre to meet stringent quality, environmental and ethical standards.



New Zealanders believe in protecting our environment for the next generation to enjoy. We work with partners who share our passion and who can help us make a better world through wool.

We also deliver a high level traceability on who, where and how our wool is grown – making Wools of New Zealand a trusted brand, working with nature.

Palliser Ridge Bea

We grow beautiful natural wool fibre

Wools of New Zealand is owned by the people who grow our wool, farming families who are committed to sustainable farming practices and caring for the land so that it may be passed to future generations

Every farm is audited by AsureQuality, a New Zealand government owned Conformity Assessment Body, for:

Land Management, Animal Welfare, Social Responsibility and Transparency.

We connect consumers with the people who grow superior wool, doing so ensuring excellence in all aspects of sustainability.

Wools of New Zealand works to understand the needs of our customers so that our growers can prepare the ideal wool fit for the intended value chain and deliver the optimum performance throughout it’s life. Through our supply database we are able to identify which of our growers can best deliver wool to meet the requirements of individual products. By connecting our growers with supply partners we are able to communicate future market requirements to ensure our growers adapt on-farm methods to deliver the ultimate wool.

Eu Ecolabel ecoflower wool

EU Ecolabel Wool

Wools of New Zealand has worked with EU Ecolabel to develop the world's 1st on farm accreditation system for greasy wool.

We produce wool for specific clients who require that only certain EU Ecolabel approved chemicals and processes touch their products in order to be compatible with important labels such as EU Ecolabel.

We realised that the best way to ensure our wool is fully sustainable is to grow it accordingly and then to partner with the wool scour to ensure full tranpsarency and integrity is maintained through to the customer.

Responsible Wool standard RWS

Responsible Wool Standard

Wools of New Zealand has been inspected and assessed according to the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS).

We are part of an international group of brands working to provide full assurance to consumers of the highest possible standards in animal husbandry and land management.

A selection of Wools of New Zealand shareholders are already accredited under the RWS with their wool on route to market, intended for the launch of new RWS approved consumer goods in 2018.

The Benefits of New Zealand Wool

Wool has some amazing features built in by nature...


Wool is asthma safe

Wool textiles act as a natural air filter, trapping allergens such as dust and pollen and keeping them out of the breathing zone


Wool is flame resistant

Wool does not burn until its gets to 700 degrees celcius, even then it self extinguishes once the source of the fire is removed.


Wool purifies the air

Wool absorbs indoor contaminants and purifies the air you breathe of harmful gases, locking them away for up to 30 years.


Wool absorbs unwanted noise

Wool textiles absorb noise and create warmth making your home or office the perfect place for relaxation, concentration and play.


Whiter & Brighter

New Zealand Wool is whiter with a higher lustre than other wools allowing clean pastel shades and deeper blacks.


Wool is 100% Natural

Wool is rapidly renewable, with each sheep growing a new fleece every year. Wool is biodegradable and full of essential nutrients that plants love. Wool textiles can be returned to nature or recycled into new products.


Wools of New Zealand and Laneve

The Wools of New Zealand brand is internationally recognised as a mark of provenance and quality.

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The Wools of New Zealand brand identifies products which are rich in wool from our New Zealand farms.

Laneve identifies products which are made from 100% natural fibres with all of the wool being traceable through transparent supply chains back to the farmers who grow it.

To trace your wool click on the "trace my wool" button.

Trace My

We are innovating to create smarter wool value chains

We are doing some really clever stuff with wool. We work with our science partners to create new innovations that add value to wool and wool products.

Eu Ecolabel ecoflower wool

Awesome Colour

New Zealand is recognised for producing clean, white, strong wool – the world's best. Wools of New Zealand's Glacial XT is a major technical advancement for New Zealand wool.

Glacial XT is exclusive to Wools of New Zealand and our partners. It delivers significant improvements in the colour of scoured wool without the use of optical brighteners and without any adverse effect on the fibre, finished products or the environment.

Glacial XT enables Wools of New Zealand to supply consistent, repeatable white wool deliveries throughout the year. Reduced batch variability means greater consistency for dyers, spinners and weavers.

Glacial XT improves the colour of wool by removing the natural creaminess in the fibre resulting in significant lifts in both brightness (Y-value) and whiteness (Y-Z value) opening up enormous scope for dyers and product developers to achieve colours previously beyond what conventionally scoured wool can achieve.

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Eu Ecolabel ecoflower wool

Scientific Proof of Origin

Oritain allows Wools of New Zealand to prove the authenticity and provenance of products that contain our wool and therefore protect textile and retail brands and ours from false claims and fraudulent activity.

By measuring the properties of wool when it leaves the farm and comparing it with products from the market we can tell if those products contain authentic wool and if not where that wool most likely originated.

The Oritain technology protects both Wools of New Zealand and the brands that work with us from fraudulent behaviour.

See how we are working with Oritain in this short video.

What's in the pipeline?

We are developing innovations that will deliver superior colour fastness and other significant benefits to the products that carry our wool.

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Wool for a better world

We believe in better ways of doing things.

Wools of New Zealand have a long history of doing the right thing under the Wool For a Better World slogan. We have adopted sustainability and strong ethics into our company’s purpose and values. We seek out partners that have similar values to our own.

Through our wool shed talks we are assisting the farming community to create efficiencies in textile production through better farming practice.

Our work with EU Ecolabel has been a worlds 1st in creating a standard for Eco label greasy wool and challenging the world’s wool producers to adopt best practice wherever possible.

We were also behind Crumbwool carpet underlay which was developed with Anglo Recycling to turn carpet offcuts into underlay. The proceeds from Crumbwool are donated to the Woodland Trust.

100% New Zealand Grower Owned

Get in touch with us

Our team are here to help everyone have a great experience with our wool. Whether you are a farmer wanting to know about supplying your fibre, a manufacturer looking for innovation and a secure reliable supply or a retailer looking for products of exceptional quality and integrity give us a call or drop us an email...

New Zealand

Wools of New Zealand Limited

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Aviation House, Building 1, Level 1, 12 Orchard Road
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New Zealand

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United Kingdom

Wools of New Zealand (UK) Limited

Salts Mill Road
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United Kingdom

Tel +44 (1274) 028 661


Our Partners

We partner with international brands that carry our wool within great products.

laneve logo

Laneve wool is used by licensed companies to make beautiful and sustainable textiles.
Look for these brands to know you are purchasing authentic New Zealand wool
grown under the Laneve integrity system.

All products that carry the Laneve mark are 100% natural, crafted with wool that is traceable back to our farms.

Not just any New Zealand wool qualifies for our brands. Our farmers take extra special care to grow the perfect fibre for the product it is destined for and are signed up to the Laneve integrity programme which ensures excellence in:

Land Management, Animal Welfare and Social Responsibility with full Transparency.

Crucial Trading UK
Ulster Carpets
White Oak

Wools of New Zealand branded products contain no less than 80% wool, the majority of which is from our New Zealand farms.

The companies below are authentic Wools of New Zealand partners, each providing thier customers with authentic products containing wool grown under our integrity programme.

Wools of New Zealand products can contain some man-made fibre and some wool from other origins.



Crucial Trading UK
Camira Fabrics
cavalier carpets UK
Downham Axminster Carpets
international carpet
natural elements flooring
Flooring One UK
Wools of
New Zealand
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We are probably not who you think we are

Wools of New Zealand is a 100% New Zealand grower owned company.
We grow wool knowing its intended purpose and deliver it with innovation and integrity to international brands.

We connect consumers with the people who grow superior wool, doing so ensuring excellence in all aspects of sustainability.

Products that carry our wool can be recognised by our brands.


To be the leading innovative sales and marketing company for New Zealand Strong wool


Change the game – Strength through Innovation

We will ignite the potential of our natural fibre by connecting consumers with the grower, building the brand story, discovering innovative uses for our wool through science with a focus on ethical, renewable and sustainable production.


Innovative | Passionate | Trustworthy | Transparent

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